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Tuesday, March 24

IndyMedia anti-1st Amendment trolls attack!

Well, brave Anonymous from IndyMedia has decided to defend the indefensible behavior of the cowards who attacked the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Berkeley. Then, he/she/it decided to attack me personally because apparently, he/she/it doesn't like guns and believes that people like me need guns to "feel manly." Like the rest of the cowards on IndyMedia who remove any posts contrary to their myopic "world view," Anonymous is convinced that Berkeley is the United States when, in reality, it isn't even a pimple on the ass of California.

Just for their edification, "moral victory," "making a statement," etc., all translate as "lose." That makes them "losers."

My other anonymous friend reported that the IndyMedia "turds" deleted his comments as well. Those are the actions of cowards who will not tolerate the voicing of any opposition to their weak-minded beliefs, who will shout down people saying things they don't want to hear, and who denigrate their betters, who are those who risk their lives to defend this country and the cowards' right to be stupid.

That's the way I see it.



  1. Hope one of your "favorite guns" misfires blows you face off. You Okie mouth breathers give retards a bad name.

  2. Well, folks, there you have it. The left, which claims to disdain the violence associated with war and supposedly "caused" by our "gun culture," is full of little twerps that wish violence on others and denigrate those who believe differently from them with terms that they would deem bigoted coming from others.

    Anonymous - Thanks for proving that you're a good little bigoted Fascist. Now, run along before someone mistakes you for a troll.

    It seems that every time I post on IndyMedia, one of the little trolls over there follows me home.



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