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Saturday, March 28

Snow Day! (Update)

Wow! Springtime in Oklahoma! It started snowing around 10:00 am and is still snowing with the occasional flash of lightning and clap of thunder. So far we have about 5 inches of snow at my house.

Must be all that global warming.

We ended up with 6 inches of snow in Owasso. Out west at Fort Supply, Oklahoma, they had 25 inches with drifts 6-10 feet. The roads off the major highways are a sloppy mess. It's supposed to freeze tonight which will cause the roads to be icy. I'll probably have to take my daughter to work in the morning.

Bed time.



  1. Nice, well presented blog. I read some of your other posts and genrally agree with you. I live across the river towards Claremore. ex redleg, old and retired.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I went to Claremore Junior College in the days immediately after the OMA days and before Rogers State University. We used to go to Hammet House for pie and coffee. My wife and I still get over there for dinner every once in a while.



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