Random thoughts from flyover country

Monday, March 29

Invasion in an undeclared war and treason at the highest levels

The United States of America is being invaded, American citizens are being killed, property is being despoiled, and our government refuses to do anything about it, thus committing treason.

Yeah, I said treason. The accused? President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, members of Congress, former Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, and members of their administrations.

A rancher in Arizona is murdered and his dog shot while trying to help illegal aliens he found on his land over the weekend. Robert Krentz called a family member to say he'd found one or more illegals at one of his water holes and was helping them. He and his dog ended up dead, and the presumptive killers fled on foot to Mexico. Were they members of the Mexican military or police? Probably not, although it's common knowledge that the drug cartels have suborned entire units of Mexican military, paramilitary, and police. The Border Patrol and the county sheriff have no suspects. I can't tell them who killed Mr. Krentz, but I can tell them who enabled the crime: every one of those people I listed above.

People living on the border with Mexico tell of gates smashed, fences cut or run down, cattle run wild or killed, butchered, and cooked on the spot, property stolen. They tell of people knocking on doors at all hours, demanding food, water, and beer, and making threats. Ranchers have given up on their livelihoods on land their families have owned for more than a century. People go armed to check their livestock and water holes. They don't go out at night. They're afraid to leave their homes unattended. They're afraid to confront trespassers. They're afraid their trucks will be stolen from the Walmart parking lots.

The Border Patrol has apprehended over 20,000 illegals in the area in the last twelve months just on this one section of the border. If they catch one-in-four, that's almost one hundred thousand illegals a year coming into the United States. If the ratio is one-in-ten, that's getting close to a quarter of a million illegals. That, folks, is an invasion.

What is the response of our government? Well, the local Congresswoman says she's going to ask for Federal troops to be deployed along the border. Senator McCain hasn't spoken of it, nor has his La Raza-approved advisor. We've heard the Attorney General and Secretary of State claim that the drug cartels are armed with guns purchased illegally at US gun shops and gun shows and say nothing when the Mexican government functionaries claim that our Second Amendment is to blame for the violence on the Mexican side of the border. Those same Mexican government functionaries assist the illegal border crossers because the money earned by illegals in the United States and sent home provide the second highest amount of Mexican income behind oil.

So what we have is an invasion of the United States facilitated by the Mexican government, aided and abetted by members of our own government at the very highest levels, and nothing is done. Nothing is done to those who hire illegals. Nothing is done to truly secure the border. No one in our government tells the Mexican government to solve their own problems. No one in our government wants to eject the illegal aliens living in our midst, who are, by definition, criminals.

The actions of the Mexican government amount to a war on the United States, an economic infiltration of our borders by people hostile to us and our way of life. The actions of the United States government amount to nothing less than treason.

Strong words, you say? Tell it to the Krentz family. I'm sure they'll be receptive.