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Thursday, January 8

Don't you just hate being sick?

Haven't been active here due to some health issues. "I shall return." - Douglas MacArthur


  1. more beautiful pictures of the Marine Recruiting Station vandalized


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    §Another sissy coward speaks
    by Elm Creek Smith
    Monday Mar 23rd, 2009 10:12 AM
    "On Wednesday night, a couple of cowardly juveniles committing vandalism to its fullest extant, damaged the Marine Recruiting Station windows because they are full of shit. For a couple of hours, they provided some glaziers an opportunity to work outside, and they cost the building owner the price of replacing the windows. Recruitment of men and women into the United States Marine Corps was not affected for a minute. The cowardly vandals will possibly graduate to higher levels of criminality and become murderers and rapists, but, more likely, they will just continue pulling wings off flies and peeling live frogs. However, their mentors are pleased that their training of future “little Eichmanns” is proceeding apace."

    Fixed that for you, punk.

    CPT, Armor
    United States Army (Ret.)

    Now, quickly, you cowardly bastards, remove my comment.

  3. ElmCreekSmith, those turds at indy'media' removed my comments also.

  4. give it up dude, marines got what they deserved; they're the ones dumb enough to sign up to die for a country that hates them.

  5. by the way, you sound like the coward here, talking like a big man, yet hiding behind your computer screen. why don't you post a picture of a bigger gun, it obviously makes you feel like a real manly man, right?

  6. The country doesn't hate the Marines, punk. Berkeley, the cowardly vandals, and you are not the "country." Besides, all those cowards did was break some windows and splatter some paint for which the landlord, not the Marines, was responsible for repairing. As for Marines being dumb, it sounds like you couldn't qualify to join any military service.

    I'm not always behind my computer screen, sparky. The guns pictured on this site aren't even particularly big, and I don't need them to feel "manly," which seems to be something with which you are unfamiliar.

    Now, run along, boy, you're wasting your time.


  7. sonofdy here:

    He indy-coward, Lets see you back up your own words.

    Reply with your name address and a picture.

    Didn't think so.

    SSG sonofdy backing up CPT ECS.

  8. ZeroAngel here.

    Don't sweat these clowns guys. They really are THAT stupid. Their methods are those of immature children. No one but out and out anarchists (idiots) denies the need for a government controlled military led by elected officials. That's the best system we have out there.

    If people don't support the war, fine OK, I get it. I might not agree, but I get it.

    It's a whole different ball game when you start vandalizing buildings which accomplishes basically nothing except probably costing an insurance company and a landlord (as you pointed out ECS) some money.

    It is that stupid and that juvenile.

    Indy-boy: I hope you grow up, honestly.


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