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Sunday, June 23

It Used To Be Such A Nice Little Rifle...

Several years ago, I got a .223 Rem/5.56X45mm NATO Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle for Christmas. It has served nicely as a truck gun, coyote swatter, and critter getter equipped with an old Weaver 2.5 rifle scope. It hasn't been able to compete with my brother's Colt HBAR in shooting tiny groups on the range, but it has fed and fired everything I've stuffed in the magazine, including dinged and dented ammo that my brother's HBAR tore up. The only thing the Mini-14 didn't do was look like an evil assault weapon.

Well, that's changed...

I replaced the wooden stock with an ATI Strikeforce stock that adjusts for length of pull and folds. I put all four rails from the package on the forend and mounted a red dot reflex sight on the top rail. Now, I'll just wait for Senator Dianne Feinkenstein's head to explode since the stock Ruger Mini-14 wasn't on her AWB list.


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