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Thursday, September 17

O Canada, kiss my...


Draft dodgers ran away to Canada during Vietnam. They must have mixed with the Canadian gene pool and made them stupid.

Canada introduces bill supporting war deserters

TORONTO (AP) — A Canadian member of Parliament has introduced a bill that would allow U.S. and other war resisters to stay in Canada.
The bill, introduced Thursday by the Liberal Party's Gerard Kennedy, would allow other countries' military deserters to stay in Canada if their refusal to serve is based on sincere moral, political or religious objections.

Parliament has already voted twice to support war resisters, but those were non-binding motions.

Kennedy's bill would be binding because it would amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

At least two war resisters seeking asylum in Canada have already been deported to the U.S.

"...other countries' military deserters..." I guess they're getting a ton of Pakistani, Russian, Uruguayan, and Australian deserters up there, eh? Apparently the author was too cowardly to say, "We're going to let American deserters stay in Canada as long as they say they have '...sincere moral, political(!!), or religious obections.'" Well, isn't that just peachy?

As far as I'm concerned, the little cowardly bastards missed the boat on "...sincere moral,...or religious objections..." when they raised their right hands and took the oath of enlistment. The fact that the idiot Kennedy thinks ...political...objections... are sufficient to desert sworn duty dishonors any American soldier who understands that their duty is to their country, not a bunch of stinking politicians!

If this passes the Canadian Parliament, the United States should end all military co-operation with Canada, refuse entry into the United States of any and all Canadians unless they can claim that they are "political refugees," and require all American companies to divest themselves of any properties, including assembly plants. Further, any products originating in or passing through Canada should have a 100% tariff placed on them. Of course, since our current administration has no cojones, nothing will happen if our closest neighbor decides to shield a bunch of sniveling cowards.


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