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Saturday, September 12

Governor Perry sends Texas Rangers and National Guard to "hot spots"

Accusing the Federal government of dragging it's feet on border security, Governor Rick Perry of Texas has ordered special "Ranger Recon" teams supported by National Guard troops to "high traffic, high crime" areas along the Texas-Mexico border to support local law enforcement, especially in rural areas where local law enforcement and sheriffs' departments can be overwhelmed.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's spokesman attacked the Governor's actions as "yet another empty election-year promise." Of course, she's running against him in the next Republican primary.

Governor Perry's response was about the hypocrisy of pointing at his efforts when Senator Hutchison's efforts in Washington to help Texas protect it's border have been on the order of ineffective. The Governor asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for 1,000 National Guard troops to help police the border earlier this year and renewed his request in a letter to President Obama last week. The response? Crickets.

I salute Governor Rick Perry for his actions.


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