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Thursday, July 9

This is a really bad idea.

From the Christian Science Monitor we get word that the United States...us...has accepted 1,350 Palestinians to be resettled here from the refugee camps in Iraq where they have been since 1948. The problem, acknowledged by the Monitor, is this:
But some critics say the State Department is sloughing off its problems onto American cities, especially since in this case the Palestinians were sympathizers of Hussein, who was deposed by the US.

"This is politically a real hot potato," says Mark Krikorian, director of the conservative Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, adding, "[A]merica has become a dumping ground for the State Department's problems – they're tossing their problems over their head into Harrisburg, Pa., or Omaha, Neb."

These aren't just any "refugees." These are people and their descendants who left Israel in 1948 so they wouldn't have to live in a Jewish state and have been kept in refugee camps instead of being integrated into their host countries' populations. I'm pretty sure they haven't been given the "hearts and flowers" story of America and its relationship with Israel and the Arabs. They've probably learned everything they know about us from Hamas and Hezbollah. Just where are these potential Jihadis going to be dropped? You might want to keep an eye out for lots of moving trucks in your neighborhood.


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