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Saturday, June 27

Gun Control "works" in Chicago

Courtesy of Second City Cop, we learn that Chicago had 108 people shot in the week of June 19-26, 2009, with 7 homicides. It seems that the Chicago handgun ban for law-abiding citizens is working very well, after all, it wouldn't do for any of the gang-bangers to run the risk of a victim shooting back at them. One thing noted in the comments section is that the CPS "honor students" doing the shooting aren't very good shots. However, most of the victims seem to be members of the same subset as the shooters and not a great loss to society. The problem is that innocents like a nine-year-old girl staying with her grandmother and her gangster father for part of summer vacation get shot and killed because the animals on the street don't really care who gets hurt.

Next time the reverends, like Jesse Jackson and Father Pfleger, get "up in arms" about CPS "honor students" and young people "just turning their lives around" dying in the streets, perhaps they should protest against the culture of casual violence, not talking to the "po-leeses," and hostility to the police in the neighborhoods like Englewood where this seems to happen most.


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  1. My Republican Congressman says Cap and Trade will be good for America.

    And, he caught the Green River Killer.

    Did you catch the Green River Killer?

    No, no you didn’t.

    You can hear his interview here.


    Dave Reichert SPEAKS: says Cap and Trade will be good for America

    He argued that the expense would not be what the Heartland Institute, Heritage Foundation, and Wall Street Journal were predicting. He argued that it would cost around $.48 per day and that we would have better national security, more nuclear, coal and refining capabilities, and a cleaner environment with the bill. He argued that the conservative arguments against were mistaken, and that Washington specifically would be better off even though the bill was imperfect.

    And, he caught the Green River Killer.
    Yeah, it took him a couple of decades, but better late than never.

    I hear Fox was thinking about making the Series 24 about Reichert. But instead of showing 24 hours in a day they would have to make each episode a year.


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