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Tuesday, November 4

Welcome to the radicalization of a Conservative.

The Republican National Committee gave away the country this evening. Don't get me wrong, they aren't the only ones to blame for the debacle that was election night, because it's hard to beat the Democrats and the "main stream" media. It's also hard to win in the face of wide-spread voter fraud aided and abetted by Democratic state office holders (think Ohio's Secretary of State) and Senator Obama's own campaign. Senator McCain, trying to run a "nice" campaign without offending anyone, failed to mount a cohesive attack on Senator Obama and his questionable associations and failed to mount effective counter-attacks when the Obama campaign or the media attacked him or his running mate. It didn't help when members of Senator McCain's own staff made snide comments to the media about his running mate.

The only bright spot in this whole pitiful political season was Governor Sarah Palin and her wonderful family. Neither she nor her family deserved the relentless attacks visited on her by Democrats, their unhinged supporters, and the news media (at the risk of being redundant).

So, the RNC, without a radical revamping, has seen it's last dime from me. I will only support conservative candidates from here on out. Every time my representatives in the state legislature or Congress vote for something I oppose, I will let them know the effect of their actions on my continued support. I will actively campaign against anyone who supports legislation that I consider detrimental to this country.

I once swore an oath to this country and it's Constitution. I won't support anyone who speaks or votes in a manner contrary to the oath that they swore. I will not obey any law that abrogates the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

I oppose bailouts, of corporations, states, or stupid people who borrowed more than they could pay back. (In the cases of older people who were deliberately misled by unscrupulous lenders, the onus is on the lender.)

I oppose tax increases to pay for increased government, including letting past tax cuts expire.

I oppose more government involvment in healthcare because it doesn't work well and increases costs. If you don't believe that, you probably think that Medicare and Medicaid have made healthcare better.

I support our current troop deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. If the Army would have let me return to active duty post-retirement, I would have gladly and proudly gone myself, so those who call me a "chicken hawk" do so at their own peril.

I support the continued development and deployment of advanced weapons systems to all branches of the military.

I support cutting unnecessary government spending by slashing pork, programs, offices, departments, staff, and other minions.

I support restricting Congress to voting on single-issue bills without unrelated amendments attached to them and preventing conference committees from adding crap when working out the differences between the House and the Senate.

The resistance is here. The resistance is now.



  1. For the first time ever, I am considering purchasing a gun -- to protect myself from an evil government.

    I know that it is often thought that trying to create a new party is useless, but what do we have to lose now? How about the Principle Party?


  2. Odds are that the gun you purchase would be of more immediate utility as a personal and/or home defense weapon. I don't foresee a new wave of "jack-booted thugs" (phrase courtesy of Rep. John Dingell - D) kicking in doors and dragging off the occupants at this time. However, that is subject to change, depending on how successful the Republican Senators are at resisting the Democrats. I think purchasing a new firearm now would be an excellent idea since everyone should know by now that the President-elect and the Vice-President-elect are NOT friends of law-abiding gun owners. There may be more restrictive gun laws, perhaps another so-called "assault weapons ban" on the horizon.

    I think you would probably have a greater need to be able to defend yourself from members of the criminal element who may be emboldened by recent events.

    In any event, get all the advice you can in selecting your firearm, and get training specific to it. Then, practice, practice, practice.


  3. As far as a new party is concerned, we may just need to look around and find one that suits us, such as the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party. When the Whigs fell apart just before the Civil War, the Republican Party took up the slack.

    If you find something that suits you out there, given the failure of the Republicans, let me know.


  4. I do not think you are alone in your sentiments. I didn't vote for a Republican for the first time in 30 years precisely because of what the Republicans have become. Don't get me wrong. I didn't vote for a socialist either.

    I am used to being lied to by Democrats but I won't accept being lied to by Republicans any longer.



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