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Sunday, August 24

Bad news for the Democratic Party or the American people.

Presumptive Democratic Party Presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama named Senator Joe Biden as his Vice-Presidential pick. Given the anti-gun history of both these gentlemen, the Republican Party and every gun rights organization in the nation should make a big deal of this to the American people. Even with Senator John McCain's luke-warm support of the Second Amendment and the First Amendment (remember campaign finance reform?), the presumptive Democratic ticket's record is ripe for exploitation. If we can create enough noise about this to get the attention of the MSM, it can be bad news for the Democratic Party.

The flip side is that if the Obama/Biden ticket wins, given their anti-gun rights records, the American people and their individual right to keep and bear arms (as guranteed, not granted, by the Second Amendment) will face a minimum of four years of increasing pressure. Remember what Senator Dianne Feinstein said: if she'd had the votes she'd have had "Mr. and Mrs. America" turn in their guns.


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